National Average Gas Price – March 13, 2022

The National Average Gas Price remains high, with further advances expected.

(STL.News) The National Average Gas Price stalled yesterday and today.  Consumers struggle to balance their budgets as inflation makes new records highs after significant political changes in Washington, DC, and the onset of the war in Ukraine.  Energy costs began their increase after Biden won the presidency.  Yes, the invasion of Ukraine caused prices to escalate, but the escalation started long before the war started.  America needs to become energy independent again, leveraging all types of energy, but stall killing the fossil fuel industry until supply and technology increase on the alternative energy side.  High gas prices will likely lead to an economic recession.  This event will continue for some time to come.

The National Average Gas Price is as follows:

  • March 13 – $4.325
  • March 12 – $4.326
  • March 11 – $4.331
  • March 10 – $4.318
  • March 9 – $4.252
  • March 8 – $4.17

Recent historical National Average Gas Prices:

  • One week ago – $4.009
  • One month ago – $3.485
  • One year ago – $2.852