Missouri News: Missouri Attorney General Josh Hawley Announces Office Will Not Retry Brad Jennings

JEFFERSON CITY, MO – Missouri Attorney General Josh Hawley Thursday announced that his office will not pursue a retrial against Brad Jennings in the 2006 Christmas Day death of Lisa Jennings.  In February, a judge vacated Jennings’ 2009 second-degree murder conviction when evidence was presented that a gunshot residue test had been conducted but the results were not turned over to prosecutors or defense attorneys.

The Missouri Attorney General’s Office conducted a thorough review of the evidence in this case.  The Office hired an independent, expert analyst to review blood spatter evidence from the scene.  This analysis was inconclusive and the expert analyst could not decisively determine whether a homicide or suicide took place.  Because prosecutors relied on blood spatter evidence to convict Jennings in 2009, the Office has decided not to retry Jennings.

Additionally, an internal review has determined that attorneys within the Attorney General’s Office did not know gunshot residue test results existed at the time of Jennings’ trial.  The inquiry also found that there was no evidence of any attorney intentionally withholding these test results from the defense.  The review determined that any allegations of professional misconduct by Assistant Attorneys General are meritless.


SOURCE: news provided by AGO.MO.GOV on July 12, 2018