Missouri Department of Corrections News: Investigation Results in Arrest of Institutional Staff Members

Jefferson City, MO (STL.News) An investigation spearheaded by Missouri Department of Corrections intelligence specialists has led to the interception of contraband at Moberly Correctional Center (MCC), bolstering the safety of staff and offenders who work and live there.

Following up on suspicions, an intelligence analyst and an institutional investigator at MCC worked with local law enforcement to prevent 173 grams of synthetic marijuana, or K2, and two pounds of tobacco from entering the prison.  The investigation led to the arrest of an institutional staff member, who has been charged with delivery of a controlled substance to a correctional facility.  Four offenders are in segregated housing pending further investigation.

K2 has been illegal in the state of Missouri since 2010.  A 2018 Department of Corrections policy bans the sale, possession and use of all tobacco products within the perimeter of adult institutions as well as inside all buildings and vehicles owned or leased by the department.

The nationwide substance misuse epidemic in the United States disproportionately affects the incarcerated population.  Approximately 88% of people in Missouri prisons report having engaged in substance misuse during the year preceding incarceration.  The department aims to prevent drug use in prison by addressing both the demand for and the supply of substances, employing approaches such as addiction counseling and institutional treatment centers as well as screenings, searches, security audits and investigations. Learn more about what we’re doing »

Moberly Correctional Center is an 1,800-bed minimum/medium-security facility Moberly, Missouri. Scott Weber, a Missouri Department of Corrections staff member since 2003, became the warden Jan. 4, 2020.