Minnesota, Recognized for Use of Technology, Data-Driven Solutions

Minnesota received top marks in the Digital States Survey, including special recognition for data-driven government

ST. PAUL, MN (STL.News) After releasing its bi-annual survey, the Center for Digital Government today announced that the State of Minnesota has excelled in its use of digital technology and data-driven solutions.  The survey recognizes Minnesota’s effort to create a better government through technology and data.

The Center for Digital Government specifically recognized Minnesota’s effort to improve citizen engagement:  the use of chatbots on COVID-19 websites and an accessible map project that improved the ability for all Minnesotans to access information on state agency websites.

“Our approach to governance has always been to use creativity and innovation to find more efficient and more accessible ways to provide essential services,” said Governor Walz.  “This is a recognition that Minnesota continues to lead the nation in data-driven decision making.”

Minnesota received an overall grade of A- in the 2020 Digital States Survey. Sixteen states received top grades, earning an “A” or “A-” designation.  Under the Digital States criteria, an “A” or “A-”grade reflects a state that demonstrated very strong innovation;  high-performing solutions with verifiable impacts; and that excellent practices have been applied in all aspects of operations, governance, and administration.

“Minnesota’s progress in technology and innovation over the past two years gives us a compass to continue to evolve and improve,” said Commissioner of Minnesota IT Services Tarek Tomes.  “We are proud of the recognition by the Center for Digital Government, but we know the best is yet to come.  Through dedicated and courageous work with our state agency partners, we know that our state government can become the most innovative digital government possible for all Minnesotans.”

Minnesota was also recognized as one of the top three states for exemplary work in data-driven government.  The state’s use of systemic data-based analytical mechanisms and techniques are used to efficiently and effectively manage the state’s business and technology.

The Center for Digital Government aims to use the Digital States Survey to help states successfully leverage IT investments and projects to maintain and improve services and efficiencies across all aspects of government.

A national overview of all 50 states and their grades can be found on the Center for Digital Government’s website.