Kure Water and life, There are no substitutes of Kure water


kure Water:

The Underrated Saviour,
he importance of water is
seldom understood. Drinking water is not only a quest to quench one’s thirst but
entails far beyond benefits for the body. Aiding hydration, water molecules are H20; 2
atoms Hydrogen, and 1 atom oxygen. However, alongside the need for water, the
demand for oxygen has also seen an uplift in the body, considering the lack of pure
oxygen in the atmosphere. The arrival of Kure Water, super-oxygenated water with
93% pure oxygen, has hit these two birds with one stone.

Fights against Stress,

it is important to observe the reason for the sulking mood.
This is because mild dehydration is also a cause of bad mood and reduced energy
levels. Water is a major requirement for the body, and thus not getting something
deemed a necessity takes a negative toll, as laziness, fatigue, and even anger take
over. Good water intake ensures the cells continue working at their usual speed, blood
pressure stays normal, and stress stays far away. Also, since oxygen has the benefit of
reducing stress levels, consumption of oxygenated water the likes of Kure Water is a
win-win situation.