Improving Engagement with Live Captioning

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High levels of engagement are important for many different sectors. You need to make sure that you are always in a position where you are able to offer the best quality content possible to those who might be watching.  An easy way to improve your engagement is with the use of live captioning.  Let’s take a closer look at why this could be an option for you.


First and foremost, including live captioning in videos, streaming, and other media is necessary because it makes your content inclusive and accessible. Not everyone who engages with your content is necessarily going to be able to fully understand it.  They might be hard of hearing, or English might not be their first language.  This can create a barrier that can be difficult for them to

Live captioning is just what is needed to overcome this barrier.  It can help to provide a lot of clarity about the content, and since it is happening live it means that no-one can get lost.  If you pride your company or platform on being all-inclusive, you need to make sure that you remember little details such as these.


If we are ensuring that we are as inclusive as possible as a brand, we also need to ensure that there is a high level of accuracy there.  This will help to avoid those watching from becoming lost.  If they are able to pick up bits and pieces from the audio which does not match the captions that they are seeing, they can become very confused.

You need to find a reliable CART transcription that is going to be able to relay exactly what is being said to those who use the captions.  This also needs to come with a very short delay of no more than a few seconds, so those who are using the captions are not going to fall too far behind the rest of the room.


Using live captioning can benefit any future broadcasts you might do, especially if you plan to upload the lecture after to a video sharing platform.  Though videos are proven to be good sources of content for engaging with an audience, search engines cannot read them for SEO purposes.  What will work for SEO, however, is a transcript in the form of captions attached to the video.  This means that people will be able to find your content more easily if they choose to search for it online.  They then might be tempted to tune in for your next live broadcast, increasing your engagement overall.

If you are searching for a great way to improve your video content and make it more accessible to your audience, you need to include some form of live captioning.  Whether you perform lectures,
hold panels, or just like to go on livestream and chat to the audience, adding captions to your footage can have a massive boost for your engagement and your watchers.