How to Write an Excellent College Essay

(STL.News) Instructors want to ascertain that college students understand course concepts.  That’s why they issue different essay tasks.  You’re supposed to complete and submit the piece within a given deadline for grading.  The essay types you should prepare to write in college include argumentative, definition, expository, and narrative essays, among others.

The grading of the essays depends on the quality of the piece you submit.  A complete and comprehensive essay is graded favorably.  You shouldn’t expect a good grade if you submit a mediocre piece.  What are the aspects that guide the instructors as they assess these pieces?

  • The comprehensiveness of the content;
  • The grammar used in writing;
  • Organization of the piece.

Some students struggle with college essay writing.  For example, they don’t understand how to choose the best topics. Others have no idea how to format the content.  Therefore, they end up with pieces that attract low grades.

What does it take to write an exemplary college essay?  Here are the specific processes that you should follow:

Read All the College Essay Instructions

Different essay tasks come with different instructions.  If you work on your essay in a hurry, you may miss critical details.  Failure to follow a given guideline means you lose important points.  You shouldn’t let that happen.

Go through the essay instructions carefully.  For instance, ensure you follow the volume guidelines.  If you’re required to write an 8-page essay, stick to that.  Other important instructions include the formatting guidelines, the sources to use, and the topics to choose.

Understand the Essay Topic of Discussion

To write relevant content, you need to understand the topic of discussion.  Read the question carefully while taking note of the key phrases.  The specific words that determine the type of content you should write include “explain,” “evaluate,” and “demonstrate,” among others.

What happens in a case where you don’t understand the topic? Consult people who comprehend these subjects.  Ask your friends questions.  The professor may also be willing to guide you on what you need to do.

In some cases, you’re required to choose a topic on your own.  Ensure your topic is relevant.  It should also be engaging and interesting.  Moreover, select something you can comfortably handle.

Create an Elaborate Essay Writing Plan

Some college students are always in a hurry to complete their essay tasks and move on to other things.  Therefore, they work without a plan.  The problem with this is you may fail to include or incorporate crucial instructions in your piece.  You need to have a clear roadmap with details of what you intend to do at every stage.

Just like it happens in an essay writing service, identify the different writing processes you intend to follow.  They include research, essay writing, and editing.  You should then ensure you have enough time to handle each process.  It’s important to start early so that you don’t run out of time.

Professors want to know if you understand course concepts. You need to submit comprehensive content to prove you are a competent student. Therefore, you should choose your research sources carefully.

Read your lecture notes as they’re simpler. Your college library may also have good books that can help you. Look for credible websites and use them as your research resources. The more sources you have, the better.

How should you research? Ensure the content you obtain addresses all the issues in the topic. Note down the main points as that simplifies your essay writing process.

Sort Your Arguments and Write the Essay

At this point, you already have your content.  You may not write every argument.  Read the content carefully and determine what should be in your final essay.  Moreover, decide how you want to organize the arguments in your essay.

As you write, follow the outline from your professor.  Begin with a strong introduction where you discuss the background topic information and end with a thesis statement.  Your body paragraphs should have clear topic sentences, excellent explanations, and relevant examples.  Write a powerful essay conclusion.

Edit, Refine and Proofread Your Essay

It’s frustrating to fail to attain the grade you want because of a grammar error in your paper.  To avoid such, you should edit and refine your piece before you submit it.

Go through every section of your college essay.  Correct grammar mistakes, remove instances of repetition, work on the paper structure, and ascertain that the examples you have are relevant.  You can then proofread and submit the piece.

The Final Word

An excellent paper increases your chances of impressive academic performance.  You need to focus as you write your essay.  Understand the instructions, choose a good topic, plan, research, and write professionally.  Besides, you should refine your essay.