How to claim damages for moving?

(STL.News) When relocating to a new home, there is a huge risk of damage to the items.  Moving comes with huge stress because all of your home belongings are at a risk.  Even when you hire the best reputable mover company in the market still, there is a risk of damage to home belongings.  Life is uncertain so as the move, there is always a risk of damage.  The movers must make all your belongings reach the destination in the same condition as you have handover to them.

After you move across the country and when you receive all your items, check their condition, look if there is any damage to any of the items.  If there is damage then you can claim that damage and can get an amount for it.

Know your insurance well before the move

You should never accept insurance if you are not understanding the exact terms written in it.  Read the insurance terms well before the move takes place.  This helps you later while claiming the damage to movers.  You should buy the insurance only when it is according to your needs and requirements.  Movers offer a wide range of insurances, you should choose the one as per your needs.

If possible, collect the damage evidence

You should take the pictures of the damage as evidence which will be useful later to represent it as great evidence of the damage caused by the moving company in case of documenting the claim. You should use a good camera to take pictures.  And it is recommended you do not throw away the damaged items because the moving company can ask for the inspection of the items to confirm the damage before they pay the claim amount.  You can keep the items stored in a separate box or room.

Complete the paperwork

To file a claim successfully, completing the paperwork is really very important.  Movers will not do this paperwork on your behalf. You should not depend on them.  The most important documents that will help file a claim are the bill of lading, the inventory list containing the condition of the items before the move, the order of service, and the original retail invoice.  You can also take the help of the agent if you are unaware of completing the paperwork for filing a claim for damage of items.

Document the previous condition of the items

You should have an evidence of the condition of all the items before the move.  Movers will also document each item with its conditions in the inventory list which you should sign only after the confirmation.  When you receive the items at your new home, you should inspect the condition of all the items immediately.

Give 30 days to the moving company to respond

When you file a claim to the moving company at the right time then it is time to give 30 days to the moving company to respond.  If they don’t respond to you within 120 days when you file the claim then you can complain to FMCSA.

Remember that rejected claims could be a possibility

There are certain conditions when a claim gets rejected by the movers.  Check out these reasons when the claims had been rejected:

  • When you don’t have any evidence that a specific item has been damaged by the movers during the shipment
  • When the items have packed by you and the movers are not liable for the incorrect packing of your items
  • If the item was in damaged condition as written in the inventory list, it is recommended you check the condition of the items that have been written in the inventory list.
  • If the item has been damaged because of the weather conditions so the movers are not liable for it

In all these circumstances, there are possibilities that a claim can get rejected.

Things you should keep in mind:

  • You should be nice with the movers even when there is damage of items because mistakes are a part of life.  You should understand it.
  • You should not sign any document that nothing is damaged or lost until you don’t make an inventory for all the items.
  • You should move highly expensive and valuable items by yourself only.
  • Keep in mind that not in all the cases, you will get the full value of the damage or lost items.  Make sure you know the rules well.


Of course, you don’t expect from movers that you will end up filing a claim.  You want to get the items in the same condition as you hand over to them but the damage is a part of a move and you can’t neglect it.  Even if you packed the moving truck with full efficacy, there are chances of damages.  Therefore, you should know the procedure and the tips to file the claim.  Hopefully, these tips and tricks help you to get a satisfactory amount for the damage.  It is recommended you keep the rules and regulations in mind.