Gioia’s Deli on The Hill

Gioia’s Deli – Famous For Homemade Hot Salami Since 1918

Wins the 2017 James Beard Award – Gioia’s Deli on The Hill

ST. LOUIS, MO/January 31, 2017  (STLRestaurant.News) This week, Gioia’s Deli, Home of the Hot Salami sandwich, was honored with the prestigious 2017 James Beard Foundation America’s Classics Award.  “Each year since 1998 the James Beard Foundation Awards Committee has recognized our nation’s beloved regional restaurants.  Distinguished by their timeless appeal, they serve quality food that reflects the character of their communities.  We anoint these locally owned restaurants with a James Beard Foundation Award and designate them as America’s Classics,” states the James Beard Foundation.

There’s no doubt that Gioia’s Deli has a timeless appeal.  In 1918, Charlie Gioia, an immigrant from Marccallo, Italy, built Gioia’s Deli in a building that was constructed of re-purposed wood and brick from the 1904 Worlds Fair.  The Gioia Family embraced their 1934 Macklind location on “The Hill” and ran their grocery store and sold their homemade Italian sausage called Salam de Testa.  It is now the oldest family owned business on “The Hill.”  Steve and Johnnie Gioia added a lunch trade to the family business featuring the Salam de Testa.  This prize secret recipe is known today as Hot Salami.   The salami is made fresh in house and is hot as in temperature, not as in spice.  It’s a secret blend of pork, beef and peppery seasonings.  Topped with the city’s favorite cheese, Provel, it’s an unforgettable regional culinary favorite that has traveled from Italy, adopted by Italian-American and for nearly a century, known as the St. Louis favorite.

In 1980 the Donley family bought Gioia’s Deli and turned the grocery store into a sandwich shop and the Gioia’s entrusted their heirloom recipe with Donley’s matriarch.  The Deli features a variety of sandwiches with an assortment of premium meats, quality cheeses accompanied by homemade fresh salads, soups and desserts.  Their in-house made authentic Italian salami continues to reign as their signature item and they sell over 1,900 pounds of it weekly!  Cathy and her son Alex carry on the successful Gioia’s tradition by serving St. Louis’ favorite sandwich.  In 2013 Gioia’s Hot Salami was featured on the Travel Channel’s “Bizarre Foods” program and host Andrew Zimmern proclaimed the Hot Salami sandwich “Worth the trip!”

In 2014, Alex and his wife, Amanda launched the Hot Salami Truck which can be found on the streets of St. Louis at lunchtime and has quickly become an iconic favorite at food truck events.  Fans can follow the truck on Twitter @HotSalamiTruck to see where and when the truck will be next.

In April of 2016, Gioia’s Deli opened a second location in Downtown St. Louis at 903 Pine.    Congratulations and thank you to Gioia’s Deli and the Donley family for keeping the Hot Salami tradition alive on the Hill, in St. Louis and on the road!

Gioia’s Deli
On The Hill
1934 Macklind Avenue
Phone: (314) 776-9410
Open Monday – Saturday
10 AM – 4 PM
Phone: (314) 776-9410

Gioia’s Deli
903 Pine Street
Open: Monday – Friday
10:30 AM – 2:20 PM
Phone: (314) 776-9410

Catering Trays and Boxed Lunches are available.  The Gioia’s Hot Salami Truck is also available to rent for private events. [email protected]