The Best Internet Cafés in the STL Area East of the Mississippi – WI-FI

ST. LOUIS, MO: (STLRestaurant.News) – When we compiled the data behind our article on the Best Internet cafés in St. Louis, we noticed something odd. None of the top ten hot spots was in the metro-east.  In fact, they were decided focused in the more central parts of the St. Louis area.  That makes a certain amount of sense, since they’re based on customer reviews, the top ten are in the places where the largest numbers of people live and work.  So we wondered, where do people who live and work outside of the metro hub go if they’re need a quick bite, a good cuppa joe and fast, free Internet?

We approached the research a little differently this time, compiling customer reviews by region, and even by city.  We focused on the metro-east for this article, but since that’s a nine-county area with about a million residents, we made it a point to look for the top spots in different parts Illinois side of St. Louis.

Topping the list is Maeva’s at 1320 Milton Road, Alton.  They are Alton’s only independent coffee shop with free Wi-Fi.  Maeva’s Coffee is a unique endeavor.  They’re a 100% crowd-sourced and independently funded community project.  Maeva’s is built inside a larger revitalization project, the historic Milton Schoolhouse.  That project houses their incubator kitchen where all of Maeva’s baked goods are created.  Maeva’s also features fair-trade coffee and a signature espresso blend created for them by Goshen Coffee in Edwardsville.

Since Maeva’s is a community project, it’s not surprising that they host a number of community events.  Their next event is an open neighborhood exchange inside the public hallway at The Milton Schoolhouse on Tuesday, October 25th from 5pm-8pm.  Maeva’s is inviting you to bring your art, goods, your garage sale stuff, your extra produce, etc!  Come mix, swap, and sell with your friends and neighbors!  In November they’re hosting a “Mud Party” to showcase a select group of talented potters, and a “Latte Art Throwdown” with a pay-what-you-can donation entry fee benefiting The Nature Institute.  With all this going on, it’s no wonder Maeva’s earned five-stars and tops our list!

The list is based on stars, with everyone in the top 10 earning 4.5 to 5 stars.  The list is then ranked by the number of reviews, since a higher ranking among a larger pool of reviews is a pretty good predictor of consistently high quality products and service.  The following top-10 list is by no means exhaustive, but it should give you a good start if you’re looking for a great Internet café in the metro-east.

1. Maeva’s, 1320 Milton Road, Alton, IL (618) 581-7510 (5 stars)

2. Adam Brothers Coffeehouse, 110 South 2nd Street, Greenville, IL (618) 664-9575 (5 stars)

3. Brickstreet Brew, 220 West St. Louis Street, Lebanon, IL (618) 537-4492 (5 stars)

4. Teaspoons Café, 2125 South Rt. 157, Edwardsville, IL (618) 655-9595 (4.5 stars)

5. The Abbey Espresso Bar and Café, 5801 West Main Street, Belleville, IL (618) 277-8373 (4.5 stars)

6. Sweet Katie Bee’s Cupcake & Coffee Bar, 212 East State Street, O’Fallon, IL (618) 622-9930 (4.5 stars)

7. 222 Artisan Bakery, 222 North Main Street, Edwardsville, IL (618) 659-1122 (4.5 stars)

8. The CoffeeHouse and Salon Systems, 1333 Central Park Drive, O’Fallon, IL (618) 624-6343 (4.5 stars)

9. Bean Tree Café, 219 South Main, Waterloo, IL (618) 939-5330 (4.5 stars)

10. Kool Beanz Café, 1316 Niedringhaus Ave, Granite City, (618) 877-5730 (4.5 stars)

One thing we noticed when compiling this list: there seems to be a natural correlation between the availability of quality Wi-Fi cafés and the presence of colleges and universities.  It’s not surprising, but something worth noting, especially if you’re looking for a comfortable place to get online outside of the St. Louis metro area.

Later this month look for a follow-up article on the best Internet cafés in the St. Louis suburbs west of the Mississippi!