Decrease Onboarding Time With the Best Learning Management Software

(STL.News) Once you find that perfect candidate for the job, the hiring process is not quite over.  You still need to teach the new hire all they need to know about thriving in their position.  Teaching a new employee how your business functions, what it stands for and how to best perform the job they were hired for can take weeks, and getting employees on the same page can take even longer.  The truth of the matter is that it takes time to learn any new information, and it takes time to teach it.

To make the learning process go more smoothly, it’s crucial to find the best learning management software.  This will aid both employers and trainees alike by eliminating the need for a constant mentor, allowing your business to work at full capacity even while an employee is in training.

What is Learning Management Software?

Learning management software, or LMS is a kind of program designed to store and track information regarding job training for a business.  While the type of information stored varies based on the company, LMS can act as a conduit for new hires to learn the basics of a job.  This may include selling tips, information about company policies, how to contact human resources and what employees will need to say when answering the phone.

While learning management software is not a catch-all for training (a manager will still need to teach new hires some functions of the job), LMS can decrease that learning time in a few simple ways:

Provide Easy Access to Training Materials

By providing new employees access to the company handbook anytime and anywhere, you can quickly reference company policies in just a few clicks.  Since most training involves learning company policy, workers’ rights and any other study-based information, spending time training employees in-person can be time-consuming to both employers and employees alike.

With easy access to study materials, employers won’t have to schedule lengthy classroom training sessions while trying to manage a business with only half the number of working employees out due to training.  Trainees can also work at their own pace and take breaks while training, which can’t be done in traditional training sessions.

Track Trainee Performance

If a new employee is having trouble grasping certain information, the LMS will know. By providing trainees with open-book quizzes at the end of each section, employers can track how well an employee is acclimating to the training, and what they excel at.  That way, employers can assign new hires to tasks they do best and can help them work with concepts that they find difficult.  This way, each employee can work comfortably and exceptionally.  Plus, if many employees are having difficulty with a specific portion of the training, employers can edit the training program to better suit employees’ learning needs.

Let New Employees Train Independently

Learning management software lets new employees work at their own pace, on their own time.  This means that if a new hire learns best on their own in a back room, they can!  Letting people learn information in a way that meets their educational needs promotes better learning retention.

With LMS, this can mean employees train with open-book tests, or employees can train in short bursts and come back to what they were previously studying with ease.  This could also mean new hires get to train both with the computer and with a manager, completing tasks they’d previously just read about in the LMS program.

Save Time and Keep Your Business Working at Its Best

Overall, learning management software is simply a method to make training new employees easier.  By creating a customized learning space for each employee to study at their own pace, employers can save time scheduling long training shifts.

With progress tracking, employers can help trainees with any concepts or tasks they find difficult, instead of just hoping for the best.  Learning management software also helps employers find the areas in which their workers thrive.  That way, they can quickly identify strengths and ensure that their employees can focus on work that best utilizes their talents.

Learning Management Software: Onboarding With Ease

With easy access for both employers and employees, learning management software can allow for training at any time and place, helping your company thrive.  Find the right LMS for your business today.