Consumer Technology Warning – Magazine3

Consumer Technology Warning – Magazine3 support does not meet their promises.

(STL.News) As a media company, we purchase many technology freelance services from various platforms, including WordPress plugins promoted on WordPress, Fiverr, Upwork, and more.

Our experience with Magazine3 products is satisfactory.  However, their premium services do not offer the benefits as promoted.  Much of the work that is promised was never started or completed.  After several attempts to inquire about the job, it still never got completed correctly.  The quality of their plugins and premium services do not align not consistent.

Magazine3 offers:

  • AMP for WP
  • Schema and Structured Data
  • PWA for WP
  • WP Quads
  • AMP Enhancer
  • Web Vital Dev
  • Magaine3 Themes

We recommend that if you decide to use their plugins, use an independent developer to complete the tasks to ensure that the work is completed.  Do NOT put their service on autopilot, assuming that the work will be done.  If you purchase their service, you must monitor their performance to ensure the work meets expectations and promises.  They are located overseas, eliminating most legal options to resolve disputes.

Our experience was they didn’t know that we purchased the service and promised to complete the job.  After two months, nothing was done.  We canceled and there was no offer to refund.  Having written that, we have not asked for a refund.  We have made multiple inquires, and they act as if they have no idea what we are referring to.

Recommendation: Avoid if possible or closely monitor their work.