Consumer Technology Warning – Fiverr

Consumer Technology Warning regarding Fiverr

(STL.News) As a media company, we purchase many freelance services from platforms such as Fiverr.  While we use Fiverr, extreme caution is critical as many providers are overseas, eliminating any legal course to resolve disputes.  Fiverr offers no solutions other than allowing to publish reviews.  However, the prompt for review is often too early to know if the work results are correct or not, and there is no option to revise existing reviews.

The process is that you pay for the service.  Fiverr holds the funds from the service provider until the task is complete.  Once completed, you authorize payment to be released to the provider and leave a review.

For example, if the work is related to a website, the results of the work may not prove to be damaging or helpful for a few days until major search engines, like Google and Bing, crawl the site and the results of that crawl is shown in Webmaster Tools or Search Console.

Warning: many providers will request access to the site and offer work to make you comfortable with their service.  However, this may be a decoy if they create damage, then you don’t have to pay, but that also means you can’t leave a negative review.  Therefore, their attempts to show “good faith” may be an attempt to deceive.