Colorado Leading U.S. in Strongest Job Growth

Colorado Leading U.S. in Strongest Job Growth Since Before Pandemic & Fastest Growth Since Great Recession

DENVER, CO (STL.News) Governor Jared Polis and the Colorado Department of Labor and Employment announced that Colorado’s unemployment rate has declined to 3.6% in April.  Industries like retail, recreation, entertainment, arts and trade have now recovered all jobs lost in early 2020 and growth significantly outpaces the U.S. In March, Colorado had the third fastest recovery in the labor force participation rate in the nation.

“Colorado’s strong economic growth proves that we are stronger and more resilient than ever.  Our successful efforts to save people money on everyday items, cut property taxes for people and businesses, and help Coloradans hold on to more of their hard earned money will help further improve our economy and job growth,” said Gov. Polis.

Colorado’s recovery in the unemployment rate is about two and a half times as fast as the recovery from the Great Recession.

Strong growth in the labor force participation rate and employment-population ratio continues for a fourth straight month.  Colorado’s employment-population ratio reached pre-pandemic levels in April, the rate improved to 66.6%.