Colorado Governor Signs Bills to Power Comeback

DENVER,  CO (STL.News) Governor Jared Polis signed bills during signing ceremonies at the Governor’s Mansion and in Evergreen that will improve Colorado’s health care system and direct how the state will spend federal stimulus funding to power the Colorado Comeback.

Governor Polis signed the following bills during signing ceremonies:

  • SB21-290 Security For Colorado Seniors- Representatives M. Young | M. Bradfield, Senators J. Danielson | J. Buckner
  • SB21-158 Increase Medical Providers For Senior Citizens – Representatives B. Titone | M. Duran, Senators J. Danielson | B. Pettersen
  • SB21-181 Equity Strategic Plan Address Health Disparities – Representatives L. Herod | Y. Caraveo, Senators R. Fields | D. Coram
  • SB21-009 Reproductive Health Care Program – Representative Y. Caraveo, Senator S. Jaquez Lewis
  • SB21-016 Protecting Preventive Health Care Coverage- Representatives D. Esgar | K. Mullica, Senators B. Pettersen | D. Moreno


  • SB21-025 Family Planning Service For Eligible Individuals – Representatives K. Tipper | P. Will, Senators B. Pettersen | D. Coram
  • SB21-027 Emergency Supplies For Colorado Babies And Families – Representatives S. Gonzales-Gutierrez | K. Tipper, Senators B. Pettersen | J. Danielson
  • SB21-193 Protection Of Pregnant People In Perinatal Period- Representative L. Herod, Senator J. Buckner
  • SB21-194 Maternal Health Providers – Representative L. Herod, Senator J. Buckner
  • HB21-1198 Health-care Billing Requirements For Indigent Patients- Representative I. Jodeh, Senators J. Buckner | C. Kolker
  • SB21-169 Restrict Insurers’ Use Of External Consumer Data – Representatives N. Ricks | D. Esgar, Senator J. Buckner
  • HB21-1307 Prescription Insulin Pricing And Access – Representative D. Roberts, Senators K. Donovan | S. Jaquez Lewis
  • HB21-1005 Health Care Services Reserve Corps Task Force – Representatives K. Mullica | Y. Caraveo, Senator L. Garcia
  • HB21-1068 Insurance Coverage Mental Health Wellness Exam -Representatives D. Michaelson Jenet | B. Titone, Senators D. Moreno | J. Smallwood


  • HB21-1162 Management Of Plastic Products – Representatives A. Valdez | L. Cutter, Senators J. Gonzales | L. Garcia
  • HB21-1324 Promote Innovative And Clean Energy Technologies – Representatives R. Pelton | D. Roberts, Senators R. Rodriguez | D. Hisey
  • HB21-1303 Global Warming Potential For Public Project Materials – Representatives T. Bernett | B. McLachlan, Senator C. Hansen
  • HB21-1214 Record Sealing Collateral Consequences Reduction – Representatives M. Weissman | J. Bacon, Senators J. Coleman | P. Lee
  • SB21-138 Improve Brain Injury Support In Criminal Justice System – Representatives S. Sandridge | J. Bacon, Senator J. Coleman
  • HB21-1280 Pre-trial Detention Reform- Representatives S. Woodrow | S. Gonzales-Gutierrez, Senators P. Lee | R. Rodriguez
  • HB21-1250 Measures to Address Law Enforcement Accountability- Representatives L. Herod, S. Gonzales-Gutierrez, Senators R. Fields, B. Gardner
  • HB21-1314 Department Of Revenue Action Against Certain Documents – Representatives L. Herod | M. Gray, Senators D. Moreno | R. Rodriguez
  • HB21-1315 Costs Assessed To Juveniles In The Criminal Justice System- Representatives L. Herod | M. Soper, Senators D. Moreno | J. Gonzales
  • SB21-271 Misdemeanor Reform- Representatives D. Roberts | S. Gonzales-Gutierrez, Senators J. Gonzales | B. Gardner
  • SB21-071 Limit The Detention Of Juveniles – Representatives L. Daugherty | A. Boesenecker, Senator J. Buckner
  • HB21-1208 Natural Disaster Mitigation Enterprise – Representatives L. Cutter | M. Gray, Senators K. Priola | F. Winter
  • SB21-108 Public Utilities Commission Gas Utility Safety Inspection Authority – Representatives T. Bernett | L. Cutter, Senator T. Story
  • HB21- 1292 Report Revenues From Sports Betting Activity- Representatives M. Baisley, J. Amabile, Senators T. Story, D. Hisey

Governor Polis signed the following bills administratively:

HB21-1209 Parole Eligibility For Youthful Offenders- Representatives S. Gonzales-Gutierrez, L. Daugherty, Senator P. Lee


  • SB21-146 Improve Prison Release Outcomes – Representative J. Bacon, Senator P. Lee
  • SB21-126 Timely Credentialing Of Physicians By Insurers – Representatives D. Michaelson Jenet | M. Soper, Senator R. Fields
  • HB21-1140 Eliminate Donor Costs For Living Organ Donations – Representative B. Titone, Senator D. Coram
  • HB21-1230 Create User-friendly State Internet Rules Portal – Representatives M. Baisley | B. Titone, Senators R. Zenzinger | R. Woodward
  • SB21-284 Evidence-based Evaluations For Budget – Representatives L. Herod | C. Larson, Senators C. Hansen | B. Rankin
  • SB21-255 Free Menstrual Hygiene Products To Students- Representatives L. Herod | B. Titone, Senator F. Winter
  • HB21-1322 Gasoline And Special Fuel Tax Restructuring- Representatives M. Snyder | B. Titone, Senator B. Pettersen
  • HB21-1279 Occupational Therapy Interstate Compact- Representatives M. Young | R. Holtorf, Senator R. Fields
  • HB21-1069 Enforcement Of Sexual Exploitation Of A Child – Representatives T. Carver | D. Roberts, Senators R. Fields | B. Gardner
  • SB21-088 Child Sexual Abuse Accountability Act- Representatives D. Michaelson Jenet | M. Soper, Senators J. Danielson | R. Fields
  • HB21-1297 Pharmacy Benefit Manager And Insurer Requirements – Representatives E. Hooton | P. Will, Senators J. Sonnenberg | J. Buckner
  • HB21-1251 Appropriate Use Of Chemical Restraints On A Person- Representatives Y. Caraveo | L. Herod, Senators R. Fields | J. Gonzales


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