Colorado Governor Polis Signs Bills to Honor Veterans

Colorado Governor Polis Signs Bills to Honor Veterans

CO (STL.News) Governor Jared Polis signed 17 bills into law in Denver to honor veterans, provide transformational tax relief to Coloradans and support universal preschool.

The Governor signed the following bills in signing ceremonies:

  • HB21-1257 Recognition Of Veterans In Capitol Complex Parks – Representatives A. Garnett & P. Neville Senators L. Garcia & B. Rankin
  • HB21-1065 Veterans’ Hiring Preference – Representative D. Ortiz, Senators L. Garcia
  • SB21-129 Veteran Suicide Prevention Pilot Program -Representative D. Ortiz, Senator L. Garcia
  • SB21-032 Mobile Veterans-support Unit Grant Program -Representative D. Ortiz, Senator K. Donovan
  • HB21-1311 Income Tax – Representatives E. Sirota & M. Weissman, Senators C. Hansen |& D. Moreno
  • HB21-1312 Insurance Premium Property Sales Severance Tax – Representatives M. Weissman & E. Sirota, Senators C. Hansen & D. Moreno
  • HB21-1327 State And Local Tax Parity Act For Businesses – Representatives D. Ortiz & K. Van Winkle, Senators C. Kolker & R. Woodward
  • SB21-293 Property Tax Classification And Assessment Rates – Representatives D. Esgar & M. Gray, Senators C. Hansen & B. Rankin
  • HB21-1301 Cannabis Outdoor Cultivation Measures – Representatives D. Esgar & R. Holtorf, Senators D. Coram & D. Moreno
  • HB21-1216 Marijuana Licensees Ability To Change Designation – Representatives A. Valdez & K. Van Winkle, Senator J. Gonzales
  • HB21-1304 Early Childhood System – Representatives E. Sirota & Garnett, Senators S. Fenberg & J. Buckner
  • HB21-1264 Funds Workforce Development Increase Worker Skills – Representatives T. Sullivan & M. Young, Senators C. Kolker & D. Hisey
  • HB21-1007 State Apprenticeship Agency – Representatives T. Sullivan & D. Ortiz, Senators J. Danielson & R. Rodriguez
  • HB21-1306 Accreditation Of Postsecondary Institutions – Representatives Garnett & T. Geitner, Senators R. Rodriguez & P. Lundeen

The Governor also signed the following bills administratively:

  • SB21-283 Cash Fund Solvency – Representative J. McCluskie, Senator D. Moreno
  • SB21-128 Modification To Administration Of The Nursing Home Penalty Cash Fund – Representative S. Lontine, Senator C. Kolker
  • HB21-1319 Temporary Modifications To Prevailing Wage Requirements – Representative M. Duran, Senator P. Lee
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