CNBC|SurveyMonkey poll: “Invest in You” November 2019

(STL.News) – With a strong economy, President Trump has favorable economic headwinds going into the next election, but many voters aren’t looking for 2020 to be a referendum on the state of the economy.  A majority of people in a new CNBC|SurveyMonkey poll say the next election is mainly about issues other than the economy (61% vs. 34%).

Among the general public, a plurality (44%) say they are better off financially than they were in 2016, the final year of Barack Obama’s administration.  These numbers are particularly bolstered by Republicans, 66% of whom say they are better off now than in 2016. Among Democrats, 41% say they are about the same financially as in 2016, while 32% say they are worse off and 27% say they are better off.

Other key results from this latest survey:

Only about two in 10 people overall, and four in 10 Democrats, say that either a Biden, Warren, or Sanders presidency would make them more hopeful about their own personal financial situation than they would be if President Trump wins a second term.
A majority of Republicans say impeachment will have a negative effect on the economy, Half of Democrats say it will have a positive effect on the economy, and 43% of independents (43%) say it will have no impact.
More than three-quarters of people (76%) say they are the person most responsible for managing their own money.  For those few people who aren’t chiefly in charge of their own finances, the majority (77%) say the person say the person who does also shares their political views.
A majority of the public (65%) consider a recession likely to occur over the next year.  Among those who expect a recession soon, nearly half say they’re proactively paying down debt (47%) or cutting household spending (45%), and a full third (34%) say they’re growing an emergency fund.