Central West End restaurant officially closes – Nathalie’s

Nathalie’s restaurant closed its doors for good

St. Louis, MO/December 11, 2016 (STLRestaurant.News) Nathalie’s, a community-stop and wholesome family restaurant that brought smiles and joy to many in attendance, recently closed their doors for good.  The restaurant, located in the Central West End of St. Louis, first announced the closure on their Facebook page in mid-October, and has ended their restaurant operation once and for all.  Nathalie Pettus, owner of Nathalie’s at 4365 Lindell Blvd., was incredibly saddened to see the doors close.  As Pettus put it for the St. Louis Business Journal this past Monday, “The restaurant business is tough, especially if you happen to be a destination one.”

Pettus attributes the restaurant’s location to part of the reason why it was not able to weather the food industry storm.  Nathalie’s was situated away from the centralized action along Euclid Avenue.  The distance, she claims, left the restaurant out of visitor’s view, and unaware it was even an option.

Nathalie’s was a farm-to-table restaurant, sourcing its meat and produce from the local Overlook Farm in Clarksville, Missouri, which is also owned by Pettus.  The restaurant focused on providing visitors with community-raised and farmed meals, which are better for our health and the surrounding mini-economies.

Pettus has her head up, and is setting her sights on Overlook and connecting people with their farm products.  She stated, “We still have our inns, we do weddings, and we have a seasonal restaurant there.”  The farm hosts four inns, Cedarcrest Manor, Avalon House, Rackheath House, and a bridal cottage.  The farm also contains several wedding venues full of aesthetic views and styles for any kind of bride.

Prior to Nathalie’s restaurant, the space placed host to another restaurant owned by Nathalie called Savor.  That restaurant closed its doors in 2008.  Before Savor, the space was a funeral home.

Pettus is the owner of the 4365 Lindell Blvd. property, and state she plans to sell it as soon as possible.


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