Business Funding: 5 Types of Funding Sources to Choose From

(STL.News) Over the past few decades, the number of entrepreneurs in the game has continued to skyrocket.  The growing number is triggered by the ever-increasing demand for goods and services amongst the consumers.  Starting a business can be challenging, especially when it comes to raising the capital needed.  Currently, there are many options available to fund your business.  Therefore, it can be overwhelming to make a perfect choice.

Without saying much, here are the top five funding sources you should consider.

1. Personal savings

This type of financing works best with small ventures and companies that require little cash to launch.  Also, most people prefer this option as they have total control over the money.  When using your savings, it’s advisable to consider the amount in question.  It should be enough to cater to the launching of a business.


Also, one must take time to evaluate the amount they are willing to risk with the idea.  Remember, entrepreneurship is a risky venture, and that doesn’t guarantee returns.  Thus, you must go with a figure that you can stand losing in case the business doesn’t succeed.

2. Sale of property

Also, you can sell off some of your property as a way of raising cash to start a business.  The assets to be sold may include cars, old companies, and houses among many others.  Sale of the property is a standard option, and that’s used by people who don’t like involving other parties in starting the business.  The amount of property being sold is based on the type of business being started. Some companies require vast capital while others require little.  Thankfully, a business plan can help evaluate the amount of cash needed to open and keep the business running.


3. Friends and family

After all, what are families and friends for, if not to help you in times of need?  The two can fund your business by giving you loans which you must pay back when the business thrives.  Also, they can support you via equity, and that means they gain shares in your upcoming ventures.  Besides, they can come through as a hybrid, and that means you’ll have to pay them through a fraction of your sales.  Acquiring cash from family and friends is convenient as they are easy to convince and are more than willing to assist you in pursuing your dreams.  However, you must know that in case of a loss, you stand losing their money, as well as, their friendship.

4. Loans

When appropriately managed, loans can see you launch a successful business.  Many established companies owe their success to the presence of loans.  Currently, banks and organizations offer loans to serious entrepreneurs who are willing to start or grow their enterprises.  Most of these lending institutions have utilized the power of the internet to make the loans readily available to the borrowers.

Who would have thought that it would come a time when you won’t have to fill bulks of pages to borrow a loan that you aren’t sure will succeed?  Of course, no one, but the internet has made that possible through mobile applications and sites.

There are different types of loans you may access using the power of the internet. One of which Fundygo specializes in is the SBA (Small Business Administration) loan.  This kind of funding can assist you in growing your SME from scratch.  The platform also offers equipment funding, line of credit, and credit-based financing, among many other term loans.  When choosing a type of loan to pick, it’s advisable to understand the terms in place, principles, and the interest you’re expected to pay back.  If not careful, the three things can end up ruining your loan repayment and hence the business.

5. Partnerships

A partnership is also among the few ways companies raise money to start new ventures. Depending on the size of a business, you can bring in partners either as individuals, groups or companies. There are individuals out there looking forward to partnering in business deals.  You must, therefore, go looking for such individuals, especially those that share a common goal as you.  Some established companies also do partner with future businesses and provide financial support.  This particular partnership is usually beneficial as the upcoming ventures get financial support, as well as, help in creating brand awareness.


When it comes to establishing a business venture, securing the needed capital alone can be a challenge. Some ideas may require a considerable amount of cash while others only require little money.  Listed in this article are five ways you can raise some money to fund your business.  Read through each one of the ways to know which methods suit your case.