Baltimore County: Suspicious Subject Call Yields Six Arrests, Recovery of Stolen Autos

Baltimore, MD (STL.News) A call into 911 for suspicious subjects and vehicles in Dundalk early Friday morning resulted in the recovery of ten stolen autos and six arrests.

Officers responded to the call for 8-9 subjects and possible stolen vehicles racing around the area of Oakwood Road, 21222, just before 3 a.m. As officers were arriving, those subjects fled in vehicles and on foot, all evading officers – initially.  One officer was able to catch up to one of the fleeing vehicles, but the driver and a passenger bailed out and fled on foot, escaping capture.  The officer determined that the vehicle they left behind had been stolen in a robbery in Baltimore City earlier that morning.  Other vehicles that were left behind at the scene by some of the suspects who fled on foot were also determined to be stolen.

Sometime later, 911 received a call for suspicious subjects walking along North Point Road. When officers stopped them, they were found to be in possession of several sets of car keys that matched the vehicles left behind on Oakwood Road.  Around that same time, calls were coming in from various businesses reporting burglaries.  Investigators determined that the group walking along North Point Road targeted car dealerships and repair shops, stealing keys and then stealing vehicles.  Cash was also stolen at one of the locations.

A total of ten stolen vehicles were recovered, eight from Baltimore County and two from Baltimore City, with a total of six arrests, two adults and four juveniles.