Baltimore County Police Arrested Jaysson Sanchez for Sexual Assault of Minor

Baltimore, MD (STL.News) Police have charged a 24-year-old man with sex offenses after sexually assaulting at least one minor.

Jaysson David Sanchez of the 300 block of Stonecastle Avenue, 21136 is being held without bail on charges of third and fourth degree sex offense and second degree assault after he sexually assaulted a teenage girl.  He further solicited sex from other teenage girls using the Instagram App, but detectives have not yet identified these victims.

Additional Victims Asked to Contact Police

Police are now turning to the public to identify any additional underage victims that may have been solicited for any sex acts or sexually assaulted by Sanchez.  Detectives believe that Sanchez attempts to use cell phone apps or frequent areas where he is likely to meet underage girls, as well as asking young girls to introduce him to their friends.  Sanchez drives a red Toyota Scion as depicted in the images below.

Police are asking anyone who may have been inappropriately approached for sex acts or sexually assaulted by Sanchez to contact detectives from the Baltimore County Police Special Victims Unit by calling 410-307-2020.