Associated Press (AP)

Associated Press (AP)
Associated Press (AP)

International and national news stories by The Associated Press (AP)

STL.News – News stories by The Associated Press, a.k.a.  AP, is an American-based multi-national non-profit news agency.  Located in New York City, it operates as a cooperative, unincorporated association.  AP was founded on May 22, 1846.

It is owned by AP’s contributing newspapers, radio stations, and TV stations located throughout the US.

Most of the employees of AP are union members and are represented by The Newspaper Guild.  The Newspaper Guild operates under the AFL-CIO.

More than 1,700 newspapers, 5,000 TV stations, and radio stations, the AP is published and republished.  It had revenues that exceeded $568 million in 2015, employing more than 3200 people worldwide.

AP’s photo library consists of more than 10 million images/pictures, making it one of the largest, if not the most prominent, image library in the industry.

They operate 243 news bureaus in 120 countries.

Additionally, AP operates the AP Radio Network providing newscasts twice each hour for broadcast, satellite radio, and television stations.


The founding newspapers/members were:

  1. Moses Yale Beach (1800-1868) Organizer
  2. New York Herald
  3. New York Courier and Enquirer
  4. The Journal of Commerce
  5. New York Evening Express

The New York Times became a member in 1851.  The organization was initially known as New York Associated Press (NYAP).

The Illinois Supreme Court ruled in 1900 that the Associated Press was a “public utility,” which resulted in the AP moving from the midwest (Chicago) to NYC because New York laws were more favorable for cooperatives.

The Supreme Court of the US held in Associated Press v. the United States in 1945 that the Associated Press was violating the Sherman Antitrust Act preventing members from selling news content to non-member media companies and making it difficult for non-member newspapers to join the Associated Press.  This court ruling helped stimulate the United Press International’s growth, managed by Hugh Baillie (1935 to 1955).

Key Persons:

  • Steven R. Swartz, Chairman of the Board
  • Gary Pruitt, President & CEO

Contact information:

200 Liberty Street
New York, New York 10281
Phone: +1 877-836-9477

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