Airzona Governor Doug Ducey 2020 State of the State Address

Arizona 2020 State of the State Address

Phoenix, AZ (STL.News) Arizona Governor Doug Ducey gave the Arizona State of the State Address Monday, January 14th.  The speech began as follows:

Speaker Bowers, President Fann, House Leaders Petersen and Fernandez, Senate Leaders Gray and Bradley, Chief Justice Brutinel, Members of the Legislature and Judiciary, my fellow Arizonans — thank you so much for the warm welcome.  It’s great to be back.

Allow me to start with a question.  Show of hands: who here today in this chamber, was born somewhere other than the state of Arizona?

As you can see — there’s a lot of us. I’ll always be a kid from Toledo.  And we have folks here today from all over the country, and all over the world.

It’s uniquely Arizona.  We choose to move here, live here, make this home — and we’re not alone.  As we stand here today, more than 70 percent of our adult citizens were born somewhere else.  So were some of our greatest state icons.  Leaders, like Secretary of the Air Force Barbara Barrett.  Trailblazers, like Raul Castro. Legends, like Jerry Colangelo.  Quiet Saints like Bill Bidwill. Giants, like Sandra Day O’ Connor.  And heroes, like John McCain and Pat Tillman.

The newcomers keep coming. Last year we punched through 7 million people, and left Massachusetts in the dust.  120,000 people are moving here a year.  That’s more than 300 a day.  By the time I finish this speech, 14 new Arizona residents will have arrived– and I’m known for brevity.

NOTE: this is NOT the complete speech.