Ukraine: Putin wants to ‘destroy humanity itself’, says Ukrainian president

Ukraine’s President Volodymyr Zelenskyy has spoken out in a new video message as the conflict continues across the country.

“We never wanted this war, but this war was brought to us,” he said.  “We never wanted to kill anyone, but we have to fight back to get the enemy out of our land and out of our life.

“We have to tolerate what a single nation in Europe didn’t have to tolerate for the last 70 years.”

Mr. Zelenskyy added: “If somebody loses their mind, then we need to lose the fear and forget about business; we need to fight against inhumane evil that wants to destroy humanity itself.”

NOTE: Now is not the time to be fearful.  The world needs to join together to defend the attack against democracy.  If the world fails to protect against this attack, the new world order will take over and threaten every democracy in the world.  The world against one or two or three countries can win, but setting on the sideline should not be an option.  Can we afford to allow communism to take over the world to save humanity?  That is not a prudent plan.  That result would be the end of society as we know it.  Nobody wants war!  However, everybody wants freedom!  Good will prevail over bad.