Russia, Ukraine trade barbs at UN over nuclear plant attack

Russia has drawn worldwide condemnation after being accused of attacking Ukraine’s largest nuclear power plant.

The UN Security Council scrambled together for an emergency meeting to discuss the incident.

Al Jazeera’s @Kristen Saloomey reports from New York, the US.

Editorial Notes: Meetings and more meetings.  Laws, rules, and sanctions.  Putin has all cards on the table.  As the world leaders struggle to come together and take action, the situation will not be resolved until action is taken.  Sanctions will have minor effects, maybe, as Putin probably anticipated sanctions.

Meanwhile, innocent people continue to die needlessly, and this will continue until Putin is taken out.  Governments have been failing their people for years as rules, laws, and regulations prevent them from functioning efficiently.  It is easy to understand why countries are reluctant to respond.  Nobody wants war, but it will not end until an overwhelming reaction is exercised when a tyrant brings it on.  Nobody wants war, but sometimes to end a war is to engage in a war.  The US has been in several useless wars?  Why did they engage in them?  World leaders need to take action and stop talking.