Is Russia a ‘state sponsor of terrorism?

Is Russia a ‘state sponsor of terrorism? +++ Anti-war Russians face reprisals

00:00 Ukrainian officials are urging civilians in the occupied South to evacuate as its forces are preparing a counter-offensive — emboldened by fresh supplies of Western weapons.  The announcement comes as rescue workers search for survivors after another Russian airstrike on a residential building in the eastern Donetsk region, killing at least 15 people.

06:07 Within Russia, expressing an anti-war stance can lead to serious consequences, including intimidation in the workplace.  Some public servants have lost their jobs.  DW correspondent Juri Rescheto reports on one Russian teacher who has refused to be silenced despite pressure from management.

09:33 Odesa’s opera house closed when the Russians invaded Ukraine.  But it’s been open again since mid-June.  Audience numbers are limited – not due to Covid-19 rules, but to make sure there is space for everyone in the cellar if there’s an attack.  DW correspondent Emmanuelle Chaze reports on an evening of ballet in wartime.

NOTE: What is wrong with world leaders?  Why is this type of action allowed?