Top 5 Benefits Crypto Casinos Offer that Traditional Ones Cannot Afford

(STL.News) Crypto casinos might replace traditional gambling hubs.  Moreover, crypto gambling dens might even become the new traditional way to play casino games.  Why?  There are 5 reasons — more like benefits — that such businesses offer.  What Are they?

1.  Provably Fair Games

Provably fair games are, alas, a rarity in traditional casinos.  For instance, only transparent, tested, and trusted gambling dens offer the online Crash game, even though it is more beneficial for gamblers than the casino.  Such games use RNG or blockchain technologies to ensure that all outcomes are 100% random.  Moreover, such games never leave all gamers without a win — there will be several players who snatch the laurel wreaths of victory in a race for the lucky hit.  So, casinos have minimum control over provably fair projects: only the goddess Fortuna determines who obtains her riches.

Traditional casinos leave room for altering systems to snatch a gambler’s money.  Crypto casinos (even if they wanted such a method) cannot organize the same shenanigans.  The system is maximally transparent, making all data clear and accessible — for gamblers first.  And while crypto casinos cannot afford to cheat, trad gambling dens cannot afford 100% transparency to guarantee that their guests are safe.

2.  Swift Payouts

Top online casinos let gamblers obtain their winnings in a couple of hours, if not minutes.  However, these are not the industry’s standards.  Traditional casinos can withdraw your money for a couple of days or even weeks.  Withdrawing mega-wins sometimes becomes an impossible task: players have to wait for months to get their money.

With crypto gambling sites, you will not face such problems.  Cashing out takes several minutes in the best-case scenario and a couple of hours in the worst.  The thing is that digital money does not need to travel anywhere — it is enough to send your public key to the casino, and they will instantly send you what you have won.

3.  The Anonymity of Gambling

The majority of states are against gambling overall or some of its forms.  In such countries, anyone caught gambling will have to pay a fine or even go to jail.  Still, this does not stop people from gambling — they do it but in the dark web’s casinos, where their activity remains anonymous.

With crypto casinos, you can gamble anywhere in the world without breaking any laws because digital money is decentralized.  No government can control the movement of your assets, and no one will know that you have been gambling.  Moreover, you will not have to provide documents to withdraw your money — send your public key to the casino, and they will instantly transfer your money.

4.  Bonuses in Crypto Casinos Are More Generous

Crypto casinos have to attract more gamblers to stay afloat.  They offer more and bigger bonuses than traditional gambling dens.  For instance, some digital money gambling sites give away free spins or coins to sign up.  Moreover, you can get a welcome bonus that might be several times bigger than your deposit.  And you will probably not have to wager your money for weeks to withdraw them — and you will be able to do it in a couple of days.

5.  Improved Security

There were several cases when traditional casinos were hacked, and gamblers’ data was stolen.  Such stories are widespread in the gambling industry because someone always wants to get their hands on other people’s money.
With crypto casinos, improved security is guaranteed.  Firstly, digital money is decentralized, meaning no one can control it.  Secondly, all transactions are encrypted — even if someone manages to hack the system, they will not be able to decipher the data.  Finally, most digital currency gambling sites store their money in cold wallets, which are virtually impossible to hack.

Final Words

Consider signing up for a digital currency casino if you want a safe and reliable gambling site.  That is your guarantee of a casino’s transparency and trustworthiness!  So, these are the top five wins that crypto casinos offer that traditional ones cannot afford.