4 Tips to Increase Business Uptime

(STL.News) Downtime, whether planned or unplanned, can be expensive, and if you are not careful, it can put the future of your organization at risk.  That’s why it’s so important to decrease downtime, so you give your company the best chance at success.  There are several ways to do so.

Consider Fleet Management to Maximize Uptime

One of the benefits of implementing a fleet management program is that it can help you prioritize jobs and manage uptime.  You can get real-time updates through fleet management systems, allowing you to work better but not harder.  One example of how you can take advantage of fleet management techniques is by using open-door sensors.  These can prevent goods from spoiling or being stolen, preventing the need for downtime as you work on replacing the items.  You can review a guide on how to use these sensors in your organization.  The data provided by these sensors can help you streamline your work and prioritize which customers should come first.  Plus, you will be able to match the right resources to the right customers, helping you plan a more efficient workday.

Hire Specialized IT Support Employees

As your business grows, you may find you have a need for a specialized IT support team to help you with IT-related tasks.  They will be there as needed to troubleshoot and fix any issues that might come up.  If you don’t have the resources to hire more employees, you can often outsource the work to a specialized IT company.  They will provide the services you need, so you don’t have to invest in employees and the infrastructure to support them.

Consider All Problematic Areas

It is important to make sure you understand the areas you are more likely to have issues.  If you want to have strong uptime, you will need to choose a stable proxy server and understand a system’s physical assets.  Understanding the potential failure points allow you to monitor liabilities and ensure developers react to issues in time.

Of course, your visibility and insights into the system will determine how aware you can be of potential issues.  If necessary, spend some time gaining visibility into the system.  Having an IT team experienced in these things can be helpful.  Make sure you overestimate how much capacity your server has.  While it can cost more upfront, it will be better than having downtime.  If traffic spikes for any reason, you will be better equipped to handle it.

Hack Your Own System

Consider having your own system hacked by a professional, white hat hackers or having one of your team members do so.  They can let you know where the weak parts of your system are.  They can look over overflow statuses, check for flaws in the API, bombard the system with traffic spikes, and look for other holes in the system.  With the information they discover, you will be able to strengthen the weak parts before real hackers have a chance to get to your system.