4 Things to Remember When Planning for End of Life

(STL.News) For some people, the concept of dying is a far-off one that is never going to happen.  For others, it’s an inevitable conclusion that is just a natural part of our existence here on earth – a promise that we made at birth.  Whatever your opinion is on the end of life, it’s important to ensure you have your affairs in order should the worst happen to you.  After all, you want to limit the stress your family will feel when you’re gone, as the sense of loss they’ll experience will be enough for them to have to cope with.

Plan Legal and Financial Matters

You’ve worked your whole life, and you’ve always been careful when it came to money matters, so why change your attitude now?  Visit your lawyer as soon as possible and create a will for your estate.  No one likes to have to do it, as not being with your loved ones is a hard concept to come to terms with, but it’s essential that you have your financial matters all taken care of.  It’s the only way you can make sure your wishes are followed, and it’s the only way to ensure your family does not end up battling against each other in a courtroom.  Make sure you have a witness with you to ensure the document is legal.

Organ Donation

Have you ever thought about donating your organs for transplant or for scientific research purposes?  If so, and you’re serious about it, it’s worth putting your wishes down in a legal document for when you do pass away.  There are transplantation guidelines that will vary based on local laws, and this way, there will be no confusion, and your wishes will be granted.

Funeral Arrangements

Although it sounds a bit grim, planning your own funeral is a nice thing to do.  You’ll be able to choose the songs, the prayers, the reflections, and you’ll be able to plan your outfit too.  It’s a great way to put your own stamp on your final goodbye to your loved ones and make them feel like you’re there with them as they mourn your passing.  With a few small touches, you can really make it a celebration of your life and uplifting service.  There are apps that will allow you to plan all minor details or, if it suits you better, just make a few notes and give them to a trusted loved one to mind.

Consider Your Legacy

What would you like your legacy to be?  Would you like to write a book about your life so future generations will have something to look back on?  Do you want to leave a monument in your hometown that means something to you?  Or do you like the idea of creating a trust fund for a charity that’s close to your heart?  If so, now is the time to start putting the wheels in motion.  You should also write down old family recipes that you use and record your family tree so that it’s always documented for future generations to see.