21 Missouri Lottery Millionaires in 21 Weeks

(STL.News) The 21st week of 2023 ushered in the Missouri Lottery’s 20th and 21st million-dollar-plus prize winners of the year.  Both winning tickets were purchased in southwest Missouri, and both winners acknowledged a little extra luck on the day of their big win.

First, a $1 million prize was uncovered on a “Silver & Gold” Scratchers ticket sold at Walmart, 1150 Highway 60 East.  in Republic.  While claiming her prize on May 22, the winner described how luck played a role in her win and how the outcome could have been entirely different if she had stuck to her original plan.

“I was actually focused on one of the other (vending) machines, but there was a gentleman there that was taking a little bit longer,” she explained.  “I was in a hurry, and so I turned around and used the other machine.  And there you go!”

For a $3 million winner who claimed his prize later that same morning, it was a good luck penny that pointed to potential good news.  The Scratchers player was getting gas at Eastgate Express, 22993 Professional Lane in Lebanon when he came across a penny facing heads up on the ground.  He snatched it up before scratching the “Big Riches” ticket he had just purchased inside.

“That’s my lucky penny, and it will get framed!” the winner shared.

To date, there have been a total of 655 Missouri Lottery prizes worth $1 million or more.  Of those, 210 have been on Scratchers tickets.

“Silver & Gold” is a $10 Scratchers game, which currently offers more than $25 million in unclaimed prizes, including another $1 million top prize and three prizes of $50,000.

For the $30 “Big Riches” ticket, more than $61.9 million remain in unclaimed prizes.  That includes one additional $3 million top prize and three $100,000 prizes.

SOURCE: Missouri Lottery