Will working from home, work?

(STL.News) Pyjamas, a laptop and a comfortable couch at home.  That’s today’s work environment for millions of people around the world.  It was a far-fetched dream until the pandemic made it a reality.  Companies have been forced to embrace remote working to limit the spread of covid-19.  But that’s if the job doesn’t require you to be there in person.  For those who can – working from home could become permanent.  Twitter is going to give that option to workers who wish to do so.  Other firms are working out how to reopen offices while maintaining social distancing.  The way we work is being revisualised – even into the future.  And post-pandemic offices might look radically different than those of today.

So, will employees ever return to the pre-pandemic office environment, or has a new era dawned?

And what would it take to adopt remote working for the long term?

YouTube video courtesy of Al Jazeera News (May 14, 2020)