Will England’s third lockdown work?

(STL.News) Around one in fifty people in England have Covid-19 and the latest figures show how fast the disease is spreading.  How sure can we be that this lockdown will work?

The number of new daily confirmed cases of coronavirus in the UK has topped 60,000 for the first time since the pandemic started.

According to government figures on Tuesday, the number of people who tested positive was 60,916.

One in 50 people in private households in England had Covid last week – and one in 30 in London, according to estimates based on the latest data.

It comes as England and Scotland announced new strict lockdowns, with people told to stay at home.

How committed is the public to this lockdown?  And will it work?

Newsnight’s Health Editor Deb Cohen reports. Emily Maitlis is joined by the Royal College of Nursing’s Rose Gallagher and Independent Sages’ Zubaida Haque.

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