Who is to blame for the division in America?

(STL.News) We hear and read across the media that the democrats are to blame, that the republicans are to blame, or that the president is to blame, etc.  But who should bear the responsibility for the division in America?  Is it China, is it our politicians or the laws that have been in place for years?

The truth of the matter is hard for most readers to accept.  We are an unbiased publication.  We publish news that is timely and unbiased. But at some point, the truth needs to be spoken.

Americans are to blame.  That’s right; every person in America is to blame for the division.  It’s not the president, it’s not China, it’s not COVID-19, and with more than 300 million people in America, no one person or party can divide us.  Only we can defeat ourselves!

Like sports teams, those who end a season as champions accomplish their success because they play as a team.  All differences are set aside to play the sport they love.  They play with cooperation, love, respect, and, most importantly, playing with the same objectives in their hearts.

Like Kevin Costner, who plays Robin Hood, states in the movie, “we must stop fighting amongst ourselves.”

If the division continues, America will deteriorate to levels that we are not prepared to accept.  American’s are spoiled!  We want freedom!  We not only want the best, we expect the best!  Our greed and selfish attitudes and lack of willingness to accept responsibilities for our actions are the blame for the division in America.

Most people in the world have access to a world of information.  Some of the data is reliable, while some of them are not.

Everything is made and used as a political statement or to serve as a political agenda.  Fighting and division are not effective strategies to resolve our issues.

Our issues are not as simple as what to do with the kids for this school year or losing jobs.  The overwhelming tasks that all of our leaders face are COVID-19 and how to pay for the cost to resolve these issues.  We are not sure at this point that the problems can be resolved.

If we don’t come together as American’s, we will fail!  We are failing at this moment in time.  Electing a democrat over a republican will not resolve the problems regardless of what they pitch to America.  All Americans, including democrats and republicans, must come together to resolve our issues.

Michael Jackson was as controversial as the political parties.  Whether you love or hate Jackson is irrelevant, he had some great messages in his music that become more meaningful than ever.

Listen to the words in “Man in the Mirror” and “They Don’t Care About Us.”

If we, the people, do not come together and learn to respect and love every person in the world, we will fail as a race, all races, white, black, Asian, color and origin of the race will not matter.

We have access to more information than ever in history.  Jobs are more manageable due to technology.  But we are failing at an alarming rate, we are more divided than ever before, and it’s not improving.

Some of the best advice has not come from our politicians; it has come from everyday people and musicians who have used music to send messages, hoping to make a difference.

Bookmark this article and refer back to it.  Again, if we don’t come together as humans, with a common goal to improve each other’s lives rather than our own, WE WILL FAIL!  We are failing now; but, we are too blind to see it or accept it.

Political agendas have created the framework for our division.  No one person, regardless of who wins the election, can bring people together.  Only we, the people, can bring us together!

Author: anonymous