US Customs and Border Protection Patrol in Maine Disrupts Human Smuggling Attempt, 5 Charged

FORT FAIRFIELD, ME (STL.News) U.S. Border Patrol agents arrested four Mexican citizens and one United States citizen following a vehicle stop in Limestone, Maine.

On December 23, Border Patrol agents observed a vehicle with two occupants operating within a close proximity to a remote border area, known to be used as an illegal crossing between Canada and the United States.  A short time later, agents spotted the same vehicle leaving the original border location now with five occupants.

“The illicit movement of people and cross border smuggling impacts every town, city and state in this country,” said Jason D. Owens, Chief Patrol Agent of the Border Patrol in Maine.  “Maine is not exempt from those impacts and does see smuggling activity.”

Through further questioning and investigation, it was determined that four of the five occupants were in the United States illegally, 3 of which recently crossed the border illegally near Limestone.  All five subjects were transported and processed at the Fort Fairfield Border Patrol Station.

“These arrests can be attributed to our increased situational awareness and the diligence of our agents.  It also illustrates how the roads and highways of Maine are being exploited for the illicit movement of people and goods,” said Chief Owens.