Update – Russell family that lost everything in house fire

Darryl Russell – house fire
Darryl Russell - house fire

Update about the Russell family loosing everything in house fire

HILLSDALE, MO/January 9, 2017 (STLRestaurant.News) Last week the Darryl Russell family brought their daughter and new grandson home from the hospital thinking life was good.  Holidays were great, new grand child, everybody safe and happy.

However, while thinking that, only a few minutes later Russell looks up to see a fire covering the downstairs while the family was upstairs.  Thinking of the others, he rushed upstairs to wake everybody up and get them out, but the staircase became covered in flames before he could get them out.

The first person to be removed had to be the newborn grandson.  Any adults worse thoughts and fears were facing Russell.  The only way out was out a window on the second floor.  Russell dropped the new 2 day old grandson out the window into the trusted arms of a neighbor.  After the grandson, Russell had to remove the rest of the family, 9 in total before removing himself.

While it was a terrible experience, the outcome that could have been even more tragic.  Everybody was removed safely with only a few bruises and smoke inhalation.  All spent a couple of days in the hospital and have been released.

However, the worse is yet to face the family.  They have nothing.  Everything was lost in the fire.

Employer, Bob Candice of Candicci’s Restaurant in Ballwin, MO rushed to create a GoFundMe page and make arrangements for a short stay at the Drury Inn on Olive and 270.

Additionally, there is a Dine Out scheduled for next Monday, January 16th at Candicci’s and a portion of the sales will be given to the family.

More than $3,600 has been raised and numerous cloths and household items have been donated.  More is needed.  We encourage everybody to help at whatever level they can.  Situations like this needs to be a community event.  One person, one family cannot rebuild from such a loss without some public assistance.

Bob Candice feels dedicated to help a loyal employee of 36 years.  “You can’t find that kind of dedication anymore, you just can’t”, say Candice.

Contact information:

Candicci’s Restaurant and Bar

100 Holloway Rd

Ballwin, MO 63011

Phone: (636) 220-8989

Email: candiccis@gmail.com


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