United States business and economic reality

America’s economic and political influence is at risk.  Make no mistake; our future depends on decisions made in the next few days and weeks.

(STL.News) Greed fueled world trade.  Companies needed to access other markets to expand to a large audience to increase sales and profits.  Additionally, manufacturing is done in foreign countries are designed to reduce manufacturing cost.  It is greed.  That greed has made America dependent on China and other countries that now have the US over the barrel because we are dependent on their services.

While this is good economically, it has turned out to be bad politically.  Politically, foreign countries with polar opposite social and political agendas leverage the US to adopt their way of life, rather than America dictating the terms.

America supports democracy but supports two of the most significant communist countries that suppress their citizens and have inferior human rights practices.  These foreign countries are using the profits made from our greed to fund battles against the USA.  It puts our political leaders at overwhelming risk.  Foreign governments influence US politicians.  Why?  How?  These are questions that Americans should be asking.

America is losing its world influence by funding tyrants that will use the money made from America to increase their agendas.  Is it too late to change our future, or has America been leveraged now to the point that our political agenda is suppressed due to money, greed, and possibly corruption?

Bring manufacturing back to America.  Drill and become energy independent.  Invest in alternative energy sources to move towards a green agenda.  Lock down our borders and protect America.  We need to maintain our world leadership.  We are at risk of losing it.  Putin knows it, and that is why he is acting out this plan.

We support America!  Every US citizen should support America and its way of life.  But it is time to protect it from those with different agendas before it is too late.

Maybe Gordon Gekko was wrong?

Many corporations have banned offering services to Russia in recent days, but it needs to continue and expand.  We cannot afford to give up our leverage business or political leverage, or America will end as we know it.

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