Ultimate Guide to Prepare for Microsoft Azure Administrator AZ-104 This Year?

(STL.News) The AZ 104 exam was introduced in 2020, replacing the prior AZ-103 exam.  This guide concentrates on everything you need to pass the AZ 104 exam.  It also provides tips on resources that might help you improve your study strategy.  You should have subject matter knowledge in establishing, administering, and monitoring a Microsoft Azure environment for a company.

An Azure Administrator’s responsibilities include implementing, administering, and monitoring identity, storage, and governance.  It also includes computing and virtual networks in a cloud environment and provisioning, sizing, monitoring, and adjusting resources as needed.

According to Microsoft, candidates for the AZ 104 test should take a minimum of 5-6 months of experience in administering Azure and must have a solid understanding of basic Azure services, security, Azure workloads, and governance.

Furthermore, this role should be familiar with Azure Resource Manager, PowerShell, Azure portal, and Azure CLI templates.

Overview: AZ 104 Exam

The AZ 104 Microsoft Azure certification exam is intended for individuals with prior experience implementing, maintaining, and monitoring a Microsoft Azure infrastructure.  The exam will put you in various scenarios to test your technical skills.  Previous infrastructure management knowledge will make understanding the concepts and services easier.

The five key domains assessed by AZ-104 certification are as follows:

  • Monitor and backup Azure resources (10-15%)
  • Configure and manage virtual networking (30-35%)
  • Deploy and manage Azure compute resources (25-30%)
  • Manage Azure identities and governance (15-20%)
  • Implement and manage storage (10-15%)

Preparing for the AZ-104 Exam

The Azure administrator self-study program is a good place to start.  It will equip you with the fundamental knowledge needed to pass the AZ-104 test.  However, make sure you practice each lesson yourself, or else the course might get overwhelming.  Here are some tips to help you prepare for the AZ 104 Exam and crack it in one go.

Go through the official Microsoft AZ-104 Page.

Before beginning your preparation, check the Microsoft website’s official AZ 104 exam summary page.  It is the most reliable page given by Microsoft to provide accurate and updated test exam information.  On the official exam page, you will find the most necessary details, such as eligibility criteria, exam prerequisites, exam objectives, registration fees, and scheduling possibilities, among other things.

Understand the exam objectives carefully.

Each new exam has additional modules and weights.  As a result, it is critical to understand the revised AZ 104 exam topics thoroughly.  On the official test detail page, Microsoft offers full information on the weight of all modules.  You can prepare for the exam well if you grasp each module and domain well.  This approach will allow you to concentrate more on the topics that carry a high significance in the exam.

Apply for online training courses

Online training is one of the simple and convenient alternatives for preparing for the Microsoft Azure certification.  You will be guided through the topics by industry experts through online training classes.  Microsoft also offers a free learning platform where you can take the AZ 104 exam online training at your own pace.
Microsoft also offers paid individualized instructor-led training.  You can also opt for paid instructor-led courses from any associated training institution to prepare for exam goals.  They cover all areas and remain updated on exam topic changes.

Refer to reference books and online resources

Microsoft provides exam reference books for all its Azure certifications.  You can buy any of these books, which will cover all modules required.  Further, ebooks offer a good understanding of the exam and its requirements and will create a base for further studies.

Join online forums and study groups

You should attend discussion forums and study groups at the very outset of your exam preparation.  Joining such groups allows you to network with individuals that are Azure Administrators or might be studying for the examination.  On forums, you can get responses to your concerns and resolve your issues.  Thus, it is crucial to participate in Azure study groups while preparing for the AZ 104 exam.

Try mock exams and simulators.

Finally, you can increase your confidence and sharpen your preparation by practicing mock exams and simulators.  When you believe you have exhausted all resources and preparation measures, you should consider using some good simulators.

These AZ 104 mock exams and simulators are intended to simulate a real test atmosphere.  You can use the simulator to identify your strengths and weaknesses to strengthen your weak points.


You need to follow these practices and procedures to prepare for the AZ 104 certification.  To answer most of the questions in the exam, applicants must have both conceptual and practical knowledge.  It would help if you experimented with the Azure platform to obtain practical experience.  Whatever resources you use for Azure certification exam preparation, it is suggested that you begin with the official website.