UK News: Covid and the NHS – Inside intensive care

(STL.News) * Some viewers may find this film disturbing * As the UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson warns the NHS is facing “extraordinary pressures”, Newsnight has been given exclusive access to London’s Northwick Park Hospital, which is on the brink of being overwhelmed by Covid patients.

As of Friday 15 January, there are a record 37,282 Covid patients in UK hospitals, with just under 1 in 10 of them mechanically ventilated.  Over the past seven days, over 1,000 new deaths a day have been reported.

The NHS and its doctors and nurses have never been under this sort of pandemic pressure.

In this special report, we take a look inside one of the NHS’ busiest hospitals in the epicenter of the second wave.

Newsnight’s Lewis Goodall reports.

YouTube video provided courtesy of BBC News