Transferring Files From Incredimail to Outlook

(STL.News) – These days, tons of crucial information is stored on the Internet.  Using email for this purpose is a prevalent decision because as long as you have access to your inbox, which is
forever, you can access what you want and when.  Sadly, there are specific problems associated with it.

Let’s take an email service like Incredimail as an example.  Lots of people have accounts there, but at times, they want to be extra secure and transfer their data to their other inbox as
well.  Another option involves someone getting frustrated with Incredimail because many annoying issues prevent users from utilizing it efficiently.  It is especially relevant
for people in business who use it for work purposes and need more advanced features.  Finally, you might start wondering how to transfer all those endless files from Incredimail to Outlook?  Fortunately, by purchasing an Incredimail to Outlook license, you’ll be able to do just that.

Files Transfer: How Does It Work?

The Outlook Transfer license allows transferring your files from Incredimail inbox to Outlook one in a quick and straightforward process.  More than that, you can not only do this kind of transfer, but you’ll also be able to move it into a separate PST file.  So, choose whatever is more convenient for you!  This is a list of benefits you’ll get by using this kind of license:

  • Smooth and efficient files transfer;
  • The convenient and straightforward interface that will be clear and friendly even to those users who have no idea how to convert and transfer their files;
  • The transfer process of semi-automatic, so you’ll have to pick which files you want to correct or move and then click on the operation you’re interested in doing;
  • Files of almost all sizes can be worked with.  The license will allow you to transfer even huge files, and the waiting time won’t differ much from the one shorter files required;
  • After getting this license, software that you’ll be able to access takes care of 100% safe encoding.  It means that all your messages will stay perfectly readable, and there will
    be no unpleasant surprises;
  • Both 32- and 64-bit Windows and Outlook versions are supported with the help of the Outlook Transfer license, so whichever version you prefer, the license will fit.

How Much Does Outlook Transfer License Cost?

This package includes only the best and most needed services for very affordable prices.  You’ll have to pay 1$ for one gig as well as 4.95$ as a fee for the conversion process itself.  The more gigs you need, the bigger the price will get.  With a yearly license, as long as it’s active, you can convert your files as many times as you need.

It’s possible to effortlessly migrate from Incredimail to Outlook with the help of an Outlook Transfer license.  Don’t worry about your files any longer; they won’t be lost.  Instead, transfer them quickly and access them again, this time as separate files or through your Outlook inbox.