The World Needs to Make a Statement

As our way of life has been threatened – the world needs to make a statement

(STL.News) There is nothing about the Russia-Ukraine conflict that is good or honorable.  It is an evil act that began by a bad person.  The fact that it is evil should not be interpreted that no good can or will come from this event.  We, the people across the globe, need to learn to set our cultural differences aside and appreciate our differences.  Our differences are beautiful and can be used to fight evil.

It is an unfortunate event and one that should not be overlooked, but the world should join together and use this event to rally for “the people.”  Freedom, security, and opportunity are what God intended for us, and it is our desires.  It is the responsibility of the world’s leaders to ensure this way of life.  Regardless of your religious or political beliefs, most people around the world desire these three things.  Many are willing to die in order to ensure this way of life is given to their children.

Now that this event has begun, what should be done about it?  It is not going away.  Putin has made his moral perception clear.  The world needs to take this opportunity to free people worldwide.  Free the people of Ukraine, but also free the people of Russia, China, and any other country that people are not given these three rights: freedom, security, and opportunity.

For decades people and governments have feared Russia.  Putin saw an opportunity to leverage that fear, and it appears that Russias’ Military is not advanced as the world feared.  Ego and greed are his fuel for more power and money.

Now that Putin has begun this event, the world and responsible leaders worldwide need to help finalize a worldwide society that gives the people the freedom, security, and opportunities they desire and deserve.

America has an excellent opportunity to help sculpture a society that people worldwide crave and are willing to die for.  The failure of creating this life is the failure of the governments, not the failure of humanity.  People have the desire; governments lack the leadership.  Now is the perfect time to bring the world together and create a life that is fair to people around the world, regardless of sex, race, or religious beliefs.

It is time to focus on the bigger picture and stop wasting time and money on small details like the name of a school or post office.  That type of politics is trivial and creates more drama than positive results.  Nothing life-changing will come from this type of fake hype.

Political leaders around the world need to bring their people together.  World leaders need to bring the governments that support democracy around the world together.  Stop talking and take action to hold leaders responsible for their words.  The best strategy to beat evil leaders is to turn the world against them and then turn their own people against them.  Then once they have fallen, the rest of the world needs to step in and help them create a life blessed with freedom, security, and opportunity.

Leaders’ actions will illustrate their true agendas.  The political BS needs to end and be put to rest in order for the world to have the peace and security they clearly want and deserve.  Democracy needs to win regardless of the cost to ensure future generations are given the way of life that people around the world desire.

One lesson that we have learned over our history is that war has never resolved anything.  The cost and damage overwhelmed the benefits.  Our world does need to be resculptured.  We have flaws, many flaws that have been adopted by self-serving political agendas.

America needs to make a choice.  We have two options:  (1) Support Americans and worry about ourselves first or (2) use this opportunity, to be honest, face our mistakes and work with governments worldwide to redesign societies to create a life that is free of war that gives people the freedom, security, and the opportunity they deserve.

People worldwide are entitled to:

  • Food
  • Healthcare (affordable healthcare)
  • A safe home to raise their families
  • Education
  • Opportunity
  • Love
  • Respect

Alcohol consumption, drug addiction, and suicide are rising around the world.  Most likely due to the frustration that has turned into depression caused by lacking these basic fundamentals of life.

It is amazing that we can send 1000s of pages around the world in seconds using email, that we can send men to another planet, and that we can send a text message to another person on the opposite side of the world with an immediate response, but we can’t ensure food, safety, and freedom.

It is time for our leaders to bring their citizens together, followed by bringing the world leaders together.  People have set back for centuries waiting for leaders to give us these rights.  They continue to fail for political reasons.

The most inspiring event seen by the world in this Russian invasion is the President of Ukraine fighting.  He is on the street fighting for what he has promised his people.  He is not afraid to do what he asks his people to do.  That is authentic leadership!  Leaders worldwide need to observe the respect and following gained by this type of dedication.  He did not want a ride; he wanted more weapons.

Additionally, the media needs to leave the political debate and support people and their rights.  Media should be a tool to hold political leaders accountable for their failures support their successes.  Stop playing word games and lying.  There should be criminal liabilities against politicians and media companies lying.

It was just announced that Russia had raised its Nuclear Alert to dangerous levels!  God bless the world, and if we survive this threat, we, the people, need to support responsible politicians and push out those that do not have prudent agendas.