The Muny

The Muny theater seats 11,000 individuals with approximately 1,500 free chairs in the previous eight rows for sale on a first-come, first-served basis.

The Muny seasons run each year from mid-June to mid-August.  A non-profit company runs it.  The current president and leader are Dennis M. Reagan.  The current artistic director & executive producer is Mike Isaacson.

Back in 1916, a mountainous area between two pine trees over today’s site of this Muny was picked to get a generation of As You want it created by Margaret Anglin and starring Sydney Greenstreet having an area cast of “1000 St. Louis folk dancers and folk lovers.”

Shortly afterward, the Convention Board of this St. Louis Advertising Club searched for an entertainment feature because of its thirteenth yearly convention, which happened on June 3, 1917.

Mayor Henry Kiel, attorney Guy Golterman, along with Parks Commissioner Nelson Cunliff stepped in and, in forty-nine days (not counting on seven lost to rain), generated the very first municipally owned outdoor theater in the USA.  June 5, 1917, the opera Aida was exhibited about which could turn into the Muny period.  The very first series underneath the Muny banner was Robin Hood, which opened on June 16, 1919, also included may or Kiel as King Richard.  Concerts were conducted here before this launching of the Riverport Amphitheatre in 1991.

The point in 1932

In 1930, the point was armed with a turntable for operation purposes. Unfortunately, it was rebuilt in 1997 as a result of dilapidation.  Back in 1994, The Muny’s board set the Muny kiddies, a select set of actors between the ages of seven to 13 who traveled across St. Louis acting, also at summertime gave trailer shows before the production.  Back in 1998, the Muny Teens set was made for a similar purpose, including adolescent actors between the ages of 14 to 18.  The present Chairman of this Board is currently Stephen C. Jones.