Benefits of Guest Post – Submit Guest Post

Benefits of Guest Post - Submit Guest Post
Benefits of Guest Post – Submit Guest Post

Submit a Guest Post – Benefits of Guest Post on STL.News – High Domain Authority – Traffic – Content Distribution.

Submit Guest Post on STL.News.  We welcome guest posts (GP) that are relevant content.  We encourage relevant content that helps provide valuable information to the public.


Factors considered during our due diligence:

  1. Relevancy – is the information useful to the public.  Does it offer tips or information to help improve lives, whether personal or professional?
  2. Unique writing and information require that GP be unique for the best search engine rankings.
  3. Politic perspective – political perspectives and comments are welcomed, providing, they are professional and not attacking a person (s) or party inappropriately.
  4. Constructive criticism – attacks and professional criticism are two separate issues.  But, again, we will determine the intent before making a decision.

Benefits to guest post on STL.News

  • Traffic – We have millions of views.  Expose your content to our audience.
  • High Ranking – STL.News is a top-rated website.  According to Ahrefs, STL.News is ranked in the top 0.0001% of all websites on the web.
  • Links – We will provide links to multiple sites on a single website, improving traffic, search rankings, and search engine indexing.
  • Syndicated Distribution – Your content will be shared to multiple social media sites and aggregated by numerous news sites.
  • Credibility – Presenting your knowledge to the public will help improve your professional image to the target audience.

Cost for GP on STL.News

We do charge to cover the time to edit and publish the post (s).

PAYMENTS: shall be made using PayPal.

Price is $75 per postpaid in advance using PayPal ID:


First Responder Organizations – access to inform the community – FREECLICK to learn more.

Author access for agencies is available.  Price is as follows and is based on a six-month agreement (10% discount for six months pre-pay, saving you even more money):

  1. $300.00 per month for 10 guest posts each month – an average of $30 per post
  2. $500.00 per month for 20 guest posts each month – an average of $25 per post
  3. $600.00 per month for 30 guest posts each month – an average of $20 per post

Author access submits post into pending status.  Each post will be edited and reviewed for appropriate content.  Approval/denial is guaranteed within 24 hours, except for weekends or holidays, which could take up to 72 hours.

PAYMENT: Invoicing and payments shall be made using PayPal ID:

STL.News price is relevant to the distribution.  If it does not fit your budget, we recommend visiting the following sites.  Both sites have high MOZ Domain Authority:

  • Feed Publish – $19.95 – CLICK to learn more.

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