Six Tips for Reducing Wrinkles

(STL.News) Wrinkles are fine lines and creases that form on your skin.  These lines, which may look good on some people, can deter others from looking their best.  These skin formations are a visible sign of aging and are especially noticeable around the eyes, lips, neck, and forehead areas.  Sun exposure is one of the leading culprits why people develop wrinkles, although genetics also play a significant factor.

People wish to stem the inevitable advance of wrinkles, and with the right beauty regimen, it can easily be done.  People can look as young as they feel with the right techniques to reduce the effects of ultraviolet rays, smoking, and other factors.  Several procedures are now available to help reverse the advance of wrinkles and other age-related manifestations.

Here are some tips for reducing wrinkles.

Non-invasive procedures

Several non-invasive procedures can firm the skin and reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

Aestheticians and other beauty experts rely on such procedures to keep their clients happy without the long downtime and other side effects.  Procedures such as SmoothGlo wrinkles treatment are highly recommended for people who wish to eradicate wrinkles without too much effort.  Such a procedure also improves skin tone, texture, and volume.

Use sunscreen

For people who cannot avoid sun exposure for extended periods, it’s necessary to use sunblock with the right SPF.  These topical solutions can prevent the harmful effects of ultraviolet rays on the skin and nourish it with the right amount of nutrients.  These products can also prevent skin cancer and other conditions.

Quit smoking

Cigarettes, cigars, tobacco chews, and other similar products contain thousands of harmful substances that affect the skin.  Some of these chemicals accelerate the aging process and result in the development of wrinkles, age spots, and other similar conditions.  If one is serious about skincare and preventing wrinkles, one of the more difficult but necessary ways to do so is to quit smoking.  Smokers can use nicotine patches, cognitive behavior therapy techniques, or other alternative products to help them withdraw from the habit.

Get adequate sleep

One of the best ways to prevent wrinkles is by getting enough shut-eye.  Sleep helps produce more human growth hormone (HGH), one of the substances that help keep the skin elastic, healthy, and supple.  Health experts also recommend sleeping on your back to ensure the skin doesn’t develop furrows and fine lines.

Eat right

Most people neglect what they eat, and some food they consume can negatively affect the skin.  Individuals must eat more fish which is a good source of omega-3.  The fatty acids help keep the skin look and feel younger.  Fruits and vegetables are also highly recommended because of their high antioxidant content.  These substances ward off oxidative stress and help keep the skin looking good.

Use the right skincare treatments.

People who wish to prevent wrinkles must consult with dermatologists.  These professionals can recommend the best substances containing vitamin C, retinoids, and alpha-hydroxy acids to help ward off wrinkles.


Several procedures and products can help keep the skin wrinkle-free.  People who wish to avoid wrinkles would be best suited to remember these tips to make them look younger than their age.