Russia-Ukraine conflict: civilians attacked by Putin

Russia is escalating the war attacking civilians and civilian communities despite sanctions.

(STL.News) Russia’s attack has apparently expanded to include civilians, which are war crimes.  Maybe now, world leaders can stop hiding behind words and laws and take action to defend democracy innocent people, including the elderly, women, mothers, and most importantly, children.

Putin is taking advantage of the weakness of world leaders.  He is quickly expanding his invasion that violates all rules and laws of humanity.  Watch our news videos in our Video Gallery to watch the latest breaking world news.

Nobody wants a war, but everybody needs to be ready to be prepared to protect democracy.  What are governments for?  Why is so much money spent on defense if we do not use them for which we fund them?

Has Putin been given a free pass?  Why is this invasion being ignored?  Why were sanctions not imposed months ago?  The world knew not to trust Putin.  Are the leaders in denial, scared, or preparing a much larger response they can’t discuss?  Their actions over the next few days will answer these questions.