Russia – Putin – War – Ukraine Invasion – World War?

Russia – Putin – War – Ukraine Invasion – World War?  Stop analyzing if Putin is crazy.  Yes, Putin is insane and has no respect for anybody’s life!

(STL.News) As the world is watching the Russian tyrant, Putin invade Ukraine, killing innocent people, the world is responding slowly.  The Ukrainian president and its citizens are being interviewed daily, asking and even begging for help and protection.

The response and questions are almost as crazy as the invasion itself.  Politicians worldwide are hoping that sanctions will help discourage Putin and make him reconsider his strategy and go back to Russia.

The latest news is that Russia has attacked a nuclear power plant putting a significant amount of Europe at risk for radiation exposure.

Journalists are asking if Putin is crazy.  You have to be crazy to think that Putin is anything except crazy.

Putin is not making this invasion alone.  He is supported by China, which China and Russia announced their alliance during the Olympics.

Recently, North Korea launched one of the world’s fastest supersonic missiles traveling an estimated 7,000 miles per hour.  This project was likely funded by Russia and/or China.

It is rational to think that China, Russia, and North Korea have an agreement in place.  If that is the case, Taiwan, South Korea, and more countries in Europe are in jeopardy.  Russia taking Ukraine is not the end of this “war.”

The political response has to be correct, or it could end the world.  Regardless of which political party you support, all Americans need to support the administration and hope that it is backed by a lot of good people.  This situation would be a severe concern regardless of who is in the White House.

The actions or lack of activities are raising a lot of questions.  This is a complicated problem, and careful consideration regarding many factors needs to be taken into consideration.

We can only hope that the administration makes more plans that have not been disclosed to the public.

This problem needs to be resolved with the world against Russia and or whatever combination of support Russia has.

One can hope that the result of this event is that Putin is put where he belongs; in hell!  But, having written that, do not be surprised at any of his future actions.  The sooner the world ends his role; the fast peace will return to the world.

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