Russia deploy 9 spy ships to British waters

(STL.News) NINE RUSSIAN warships have sailed around the UK in the past two weeks, prompting the Royal Navy to warn they were ready to respond. Russian leader Vladimir Putin sent a number of vessels, including a surfaced submarine, a destroyer, a corvette, and a patrol ship, near UK waters.  The ships traveled through the English Channel, the Celtic Sea, and passed the Outer Hebrides.  Speaking to the Daily Telegraph First Sea Lord Admiral Tony Radakin said This is why the Royal Navy is at sea every day.

Even with the pressures of Covid, we remain at short notice to respond to threats.  Despite the increase in Russian activity, we are always ready to respond.  The Royal Navy sent Type 23 frigate HMS Northumberland to track the Russian vessels.  A Russian Udaloy-class destroyer, the Vice-Admiral Kulakov, was tracked as it sailed north-west of the Outer Hebrides. Another British ship, HMS Severn, was patrolling the English Channel where it monitored a surfaced Russian Kilo-class submarine, the Stary Oskol.

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