Is traditional television condemned to disappear?

(STL.News) There are many occasions in which we have commented that the form of television consumption is changing.  In this article, we will see how television is consumed today and how the traditional television we know is disappearing.

Consume television individually

From its beginnings, television was a meeting point in homes.  The members of a family gathered around it to talk, eat, dine or simply enjoy its contents.  Television was traditionally consumed in the family.  Today that has changed.  Today each person consumes television when he wants and how he wants.  It is no longer necessary to agree with the rest of the family to choose what is seen on television.  Now in each house, there is more than one television and each one consumes it when they want, without having to wait for the rest or agree.  There are few occasions when the family gets together to watch television as was traditionally done.  This traditional aspect of consuming television is doomed to disappear.

New ways of consuming television content

Television content had always been consumed through the television itself.  With the arrival of new technologies this changes.  Now we consume that content from other devices, from our computers, tablets, or mobile.  It is not necessary to have a TV at home to watch TV.  A few years ago this phrase seemed unthinkable, but it is true.  We no longer need television to enjoy our favorite series or to watch the news.  It is enough to have a device with an Internet connection.  There are many television networks and large communication groups that make their content available to consumers on the Internet.  Now we watch TV whenever we want and from wherever we want.  A new form of consumption has been born that no longer makes it necessary to depend on television.  This means that traditional television as we know it is doomed to disappear.  But it is not only the fault of technologies and advances.  A new group of consumers has been born who demand a new way of consuming content that is different and independent.

The arrival of smart TV

Traditional television is no longer useful in a home.  Today we need multifunction televisions that provide us with new services tailored to our needs.  We are talking about Smart TVs.  Some of the leading TV manufacturers, such as LG, have already launched their smart models on the market.  These televisions bring with them a new range of services.  Television is no longer used only to watch programs, series, or movies.  On these televisions, we watch YouTube and listen to our favorite Spotify playlists.  They also allow us to save our content to see it later, record what we want and directly access streaming servers.  A totally different consumption model is created than the one we knew.  We are no longer interested in traditional content, now we want to use television for something more than just watching TV.

The advantage of streaming platforms

We can consume when we want the content we want.  It is not necessary to wait for the series or movie we want to reach television.  In addition, the price of subscribing to these platforms is quite low and there is usually no permanence.  On the other hand, we eliminate hateful advertising on television.  We consume the content in one go, without pauses.  Nor do we need to be at home in front of the television to watch it, it is possible to consume from any mobile device.

Traditional television consumption has come to an end

As we have seen, traditional television has had many competitors.  Times change and with them the forms of consumption.  Today’s consumer lacks time and patience.  Traditional television and its most ancient mode of consumption are over, just like how physical casinos are being replaced by online casinos.  Yes, online gambling now dominates the world gambling industry.  It must be modernized if it does not want to disappear since the new forms of consumption are coming with a bang.