How Journalists Can Be More Productive

(STL.News) Today’s journalists often have many tasks, which might include managing their web identity, running a business, and doing projects for media organizations.  It’s often hard to keep everything running smoothly, and the daily grind can wear you down.  It’s easy to get distracted by things on the internet and not have time to handle your commitments.  But increasing your productivity will help you get your work done faster, giving you more time to wind down at the end of a busy day.

Use a Transcription Service

After interviewing a source, you have the choice to either transcribe the entire audio file or listen to it many times as you write your piece.  Either method can be time-consuming, and the longer it is, the less you’ll have to accomplish other tasks.  Consider using a transcription service to convert mp3 to text to automate your workflow.  You can transcribe in more than 119 languages.

Avoid Distractions

Many journalists multitask to try to get more done.  They might be thinking of how to promote their content online, posting to social media, writing blog posts, and messaging someone.  Instead, try to start and finish one task before moving on to another one.  While it might sound crazy, it can be very helpful if you can pull it off.  Getting rid of distractions might help you write faster and more efficiently.  It’s a good option if you feel that you can’t disconnect distractions on your own.  Some applications give you blank pages to type on, so you are not distracted by emails or the internet.  With other applications, you can block certain websites at certain hours.  Another trick is to track your time online and cut out the sites that waste the most.  Some browser extensions let you track how long you are on certain sites.  For instance, if you see that you spend most of your day on social media, you might understand why it’s hard to be productive.

Use Your Day Wisely

Consider time to be like money.  Just like money, time is a limited resource, and if you’re frugal, translate your money-saving habits to your work.  For instance, you might have heard that you should pay yourself first.  So, if you want to spend time posting your material or reading certain blogs, set aside some moments to do this before you begin your other work.  Emails can also be a time-waster.  The more often you respond to them, the more you’ll get in return.  Consider your core goals and try to prioritize the important emails.  When you’re writing emails, try to keep your responses short.  Consider setting aside an hour in the morning and one in the evening to respond to your messages.  Your coworkers or clients can call you if there is an issue that requires immediate attention.  While you want to avoid distractions, a feed reader can help you to keep up with several blogs or websites each day.  When there’s something important, you’ll see it right away.  Just make sure you set aside a certain amount of time to look at it, so you don’t spend too long on it.