Governor Cuomo declared: Long Island will Enter Phase 2 of Reopening

New York (STL.News)  Governor Andrew M. Cuomo today announced that the Mid-Hudson Valley is entering phase two of reopening today. Long Island will enter phase two of reopening tomorrow, June 10th.  Governor Cuomo also unveiled a daily testing results dashboard to complement the early warning dashboard for New Yorkers and local governments to easily track the COVID-19 daily test results by region and county as all regions in the state are now reopening.

The Governor also announced the state, in partnership with Sean Penn and CORE, has established 11 testing sites in communities particularly impacted by COVID-19.  CORE (Community Organized Relief Effort) is a nonprofit organization dedicated to saving lives and strengthening communities affected by or vulnerable to crisis.  The state is continuing to focus efforts on reducing the infection rate of COVID-19 in these New York City hotspot neighborhoods that have been impacted the most by the virus.  There are now more than 800 COVID-19 testing sites across the state.

The Governor also announced the state is delivering 500,000 cloth masks, as well as 10,000 gallons and 100,000 2-oz.  bottles of hand sanitizer to Metro North.  The Governor also reminded New Yorkers that masks are mandatory when riding public transportation systems and that New Yorkers should follow all guidelines and protocols when riding, including maintaining social distancing to the extent possible, using hand sanitizer and observing decal guidance.

The Governor also announced that the state has distributed over four million free bottles of NYS Clean hand sanitizer statewide to date.

“All regions across the state are now in the process of reopening – it was a long time coming but New Yorkers got disciplined, they got smart and they did what they had to do to bring the numbers down,” Governor Cuomo said. “What we have done in New York is an international success story, we had the worst situation and we handled it the best, and now we can continue our work towards a new normal.”