George Floyd protests: Curfews fail to deter demonstrators

(STL.News) People are defying curfews in the US to protest against police brutality and racism.  In Minneapolis, police have arrested several people for violating an 8 pm local (01:00 GMT) curfew.  It is the sixth day of demonstrations, after an unarmed Black man, George Floyd, died in police custody.

Leaders around the country as speculating about the motivations of the protesters.  Most cities and states were not prepared for such riots and protests.  In Atlanta, police illustrated additional police brutality in spite of knowing that protesters are allegedly protesting their actions.  Protesters have been suppressed, feel that no hope exist, on the back of being locked-down for weeks due to the coronavirus and certain people, and or groups have broke.  They are tired, exhausted and feel hopeless to the point they have decided to risk it all.  More than likely, feeling that there is not much to risk to illustrate such actions.  Certain proclaimed protesters are not protesting the death of George Floyd, they are taking advantage of the protest to fulfill other motives.  None-the-less, these protesters have every intention of being heard.  It is time for change in America.  When the citizens of a country reach these levels of frustrations and protest, all options need to be evaluated.

Nobody can support these actions.  It is wrong!  But many citizens around the country have reached their limits of hope.

Al Jazeera has reporters standing by in four major US cities: Al Jazeera’s Mike Hanna is in Washington, DC, John Hendren is in Minneapolis, Rob Reynolds is in Los Angeles and Gabriel Elizondo is in New York.

YouTube video courtesy of Al Jazeera News